Being able to stand up to the tough weather in the northeast is one of the many reasons Vinylshield vinylfoam insulated vinyl siding siding is the go-to siding for many residents in Upstate New York. Vinylshield vinyl siding  is made of high quality material and is scientifically tested to make sure it withstands virtually all kinds of harsh weather.

Some sidings will slowly deteriorate and wear from year after year of seasonal changes and temperature fluctuations. Vinylshield vinyl siding reacts and expands and contracts as the temperature rises or falls.

We know the northeast and especially Upstate New York. Vinylshield can handle the frigid winds and tough summers that you can experience in our region. Make sure your siding is installed properly. When Residential Specialists installs siding, you can count on long-lasting, beautiful siding.

For the most energy savings, ask about our thickest insulated fullback siding made of 1/2 inch extruded polystyrine foam. Call now, 518.464.0083.